Soft Boiled Egg

味  AJI   Flavor

付け Tsuke  To attach

玉子 Tamago Egg


Eggs contain nutrients like protein, calcium, and iron, etc. Originally, the beginning of the marinated egg is said to come from Taiwanese cuisine and spread to ramen shops around Ogikubo in Tokyo and across the nation.

Many ramen shops have their own recipes for their AJITSUKETAMAGO. Some call it Ajitama or Hanjukutamago. Whatever they call it they’ll usually marinate it with some flavor.

Here are two different recipes you can use. (Enough for 6 eggs per recipe.)

Recipe 1

Step 1: Tare (Sauce)


250 ml Kikkoman HonTsuyu

1 liter water

30g chopped garlic

recipe 2

Step 1: Tare (Sauce)


200ml shoyu

50ml mirin

30g sugar

30g chopped garlic

1liter water

  1. Melt sugar in water

  2. Add rest of ingredients

Step 2: Preparing The Eggs

  1. Prepare 6 eggs in room temperature.

  2. Pierce a small holel on the egg shell (flat side) by using a needle.

  3. Fill pot with water and bring it to boil.

  4. Gently place your eggs in the boiling water and boil them for 6 1/2 to 7 mintues.

  5. Prepare ice water in a separate bowl.

  6. When timer goes off, shock the eggs in ice water. This will stop the boiling process.

  7. Once cooled. Peel the eggs.

  8. Marinate the eggs overnight with Recipe One or Recipe Two