The Ramen Culture is a Japanese-born American ramen enthusiast. Though growing up in Los Angeles, Ramen Culture would spend every summer with his grandparents in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This allowed him to not only appreciate western cuisine, but also grow in having his own Japanese palate. With his love for Japan, he returned to the city of his birth in 2009. As the biggest metropolis on the planet with over 37 million in population, Tokyo boasts the largest concentration of Michelin star chefs in the world. With all the amazing food the city offers he fell in love with ramen.

The Ramen Culture was never a stranger to Japanese food. His family has been in the Japanese food industry for over 60 years throughout Japan. As he was being trained to help with the family business, his inner voice began to urge him to focus more on his love for ramen. He soon found himself working at Menya Itto in Tokyo where he learned to make ramen. Currently, Ramen Culture serves ramen shops throughout North America as a consultant for the largest noodle manufacturer in Japan.

Ramen has been part of our culture for many years. We exist to serve the ramen loving community and the faithful ramen craftsman to spread the knowledge of authentic Japanese ramen to the rest of the world.